Ashitare of Seiryuu Seven leaps to attack Miaka, but Nuriko saves her and manages to burn Ashitare by Chiriko's signal flares although he was injured trying to protect Miaka. He then told her that he's going to save her until his last breath draws, causes Miaka to think Nuriko is not a woman anymore. On the same time, Tamahome encounters Yui and tried to convince her to stop summoning Seiryu and come with him because its hurting Miaka. She then told him that Tamahome is just a character in a book and Miaka and Tamahome can't be together unless they summon Suzaku. Suboshi came and Tamahome ran away, leaving Yui undecided about her decision. Reunited, Miaka, Nuriko and Tamahome find a house and stay there. Still thinking about what Yui said to him, Tamahome goes to have to drink by himself. Nuriko approaches him  and tells Tamahome that he's ready to die for Miaka, admitting that he also loves Miaka as a man. The next day, Nuriko decided he'll go find the Shinzaho, leave Tamahome and Miaka together to strengthen their relationship, and find Chichiri and the others. Once there, when Nuriko was about to remove the large boulder blocking the cave of the hidden Shinzaho so they can come get it, he is found by Ashitare. 

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