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"Fine! But in the end all you'll get are tears!"


Full Name Ranva Ham
Birthdate November 11
Constellation Legs
Age 19 (Physically)
109 (Real Age)
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey (Both Young and Old)
Eye Color Brown
Height 183 cm
Known Relatives Subaru (Wife) Xi Fang (Adoptive Daughter)
Additional Information
Beast God Byakko
Title Seven Star of Byakko Tokaki
Rank Warrior
Occupation Warrior

Real World
Manga Chapter ?
Anime Episode ?
Created by Yuu Watase
Voiced by Koji Ishii (Older Self) (Anime)
Katsuya Shiga (Younger Self) (Anime)
Other Information
Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki

Tokaki 奎宿 is one of the Byakko seven, and is married to the beautiful and kind Subaru for reasons no one can figure out. He was born under the star Legs and his true name is Ranva Ham ハム ランヴァ,


Tokaki has grey hair in both of his appearances whether young or old. When he is old, his beard and goatee grows longer , and his wild-shaped eyebrows grows thicker. Tokaki wears the same clothes althroughout, even if he transforms into a youthful man alongside large, round earrings. When Tokaki transforms, he has hair similar to Tasuki, but has differences: grey hair, and the direction of the hair is not wild and curves into the shape of his head.


He is extremely lecherous in nature , and married to the beautiful Subaru for reasons no one can figure out. He likes to comment like a critic to any attractive woman he sees and meets , such as Miaka. Even with his womanizing habits, he truly loves Subaru and goes to any length to protect her and keep her away from harm. When he is old, he develops a habit of smoking. Tokaki tries to seperate Tamahome and Miaka because he does not want them to end up like Suzuno and Tatara, and encourages Tamahome to develop a romantic relationship with his and Subaru's adoptive daughter, Xi Fang.


He first appears when the Suzaku warriors are travelling to Sairou. As soon as he gained the knowledge that Tamahome and Miaka are in love, he does everything to seperate them, because he does not want the either of them to end up like the seperated Tatara and Suzuno . He tells the warriors about Tamahome's childhood and how he found Tamahome as a bullied child because of the "ogre" symbol, and how even his neighborhood teased him by saying "Little ghost."

He then asks Xi Fang , their adoptive daughter, to seduce

Tatara dies.

Tamahome, unknown reason why, and he wants Tamahome and Xi Fang to
Young Tokaki

the young Tokaki

develop a romantic relationship and when Tokaki tends to the exhausted warriors, Tokaki does really try everything to seperate them, until the time when Xi Fang told Miaka about the legend Tokaki just let them be and stopped trying to seperate them, Tokaki was deeply worried that all of the warriors went out to see if Miaka is safe in the monstrous tower full of monsters.

He then appears next when Miboshi summoned the high-level beast and Tatara was severely injured before being taken hostage, and died, Subaru reminded him of the spell when they can return to the time when they were still warriors, and they did, and he unfortunately died while they were repairing Subaru's and his internal organs.

Young Tamahome little ghost

The young Tamahome


Because of his lecherous nature and his habit of picking up other women , Subaru kicked him out of their house and he was forced to travel in the four cardinal realms. It was not revealed or explained how he got back to their house. While travelling in Konan, he met the young Tamahome, being bullied and picked at. When Tokaki realized that the boy was a Celestial Warrior, he trained him so that he can protect his priestess someday.


As a Celestial warrior, Tokaki is able to use earrings as weapons and his knowledge of pressure points also supplements him.

His main power is teleportation.


  • Just forget that girl!
  • I don't want you to end up seperated in the end!
  • That girl will only bring you unhappiness.

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