Toki Osugi is the grandson of Suzuno Osugi the priestess of Byakko.

Toki means "time" in Japanese.


Toki is the taxi driver Keisuuke and Tetsuya passes through after arriving at the city of Morioka (Iwate prefecture, Japanese North East), and he discovers that Tetsuya and Keisuuke know about The Universe of the Four gods. He is told by Tetsuya all that happened to the book and about Miaka's story and adventures, and when Keisuuke learns that Tetsuya that he told "the taxi driver," Toki tells him not to worry, because his grandmother had also mentioned such things. He himself takes them to Suzuno's house and tells the both of them about her claims. Tetsuya, Keisuuke and Toki witness Suzuno's death and they also witness the event when Tatara and Suzuno's souls were reunited in the forms when they were still young.

He lastly appears in the first OVA, Toki leads Keisuuke, Tetsuya, Miaka, and Tamahome to the Genbu Grotto.

What he thinks of Suzuno's story

Toki cares for his grandmother Suzuno, but thinks that her tale is ridiculous and untrue. Additionally, he seems to be both stressed and worried because Suzuno is about to pass away of old age and yet she "clings" to what, in his view, is few more than "an old woman's fantasies". Toki finally believes her when Suzuno passes away and Tatara dies too in the book's world. He's also there when Suzuno and Tatara's spirits are reunited in the forms when they were still young.


  • Don't worry. My grandmother claims to be one, too.
  • Okay, this is the Genbu Grotto.
  • This is my grandmother, Suzuno.
  • Allow me to introduce you,Osugi Suzuno, Priestess of Byakko.

Appearance and Personality

He is bald and he has amber eyes. Toki does not talk that much, but he always cooperates and tries to take care of his aging and dying grandmother. He is very practical, however, and is reluctant to believe in things that are not tangible, hence his reluctance to believe Suzuno's claims until it's almost too late. .

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