"No! Nuriko's not dead! I don't believe it! I WON'T BELIEVE IT!!!"
Tragedies in Mt. Koku, original title "The Tragedies of Mt. Kokureishin" refers to the 32nd to 33rd episode, more specifically, Nuriko's battle and death along with Ashitare.

Nuriko in Mt. Koku

It is arguably the most famous death scene of Fushigi Yuugi and the most saddest, since it leaves the warriors with more resolve and fans' comments tell about the episode as if they were Miaka themselves.


During the battle of Ashitare and Nuriko, Nuriko is stabbed through the chest by Ashitare's long claws. Though badly wounded, he manages to break Ashitare's neck. Miaka and the other Suzaku warriors sense something is wrong and begin making their way to the area they felt the disturbance from. With his blood staining the snow, Nuriko uses the last of his strength to lift the boulder out of the way so the others will be able to retrieve the Shinzaho. Miaka and Tamahome arrive to find Nuriko lying in the snow. Tamahome lights a signal fire to call Mitsukake to heal him, while Nuriko weakly encourages Miaka to stop crying because he loves her and won't leave her. Miaka goes to see where the others are, but before she walks to far, Nuriko dies. Miaka can't believe it at first and pleads with him to get up. When the others arrive and learn of his death, the warriors cry, with Tasuki also having trouble accepting it at first. Miaka separates herself from the others, deeply upset, but Tamahome comes and forces her to return and say good-bye. They come back to find that Mitsukake has used his powers to heal the wounds so Nuriko would be "beautiful" again. He also gave Miaka Nuriko's armbands for it to be able to protect her. After mourning his death a few more moments and pledging his death would not be in vain, they bury him in the snow and head towards the cave containing the Shinzaho.

Suzaku Ibun

  • Nuriko's death can be avoided in the simulation game Suzaku Ibun if you choose Nuriko not to go on in the mountain when he makes the suggestion on the village.
  • Madoka may also choose to go up with him on Mt. Koku. There the scene that takes place will be similar to that of Episode 33, with the exception of Madoka witnessing the whole fight between Ashitare and Nuriko. When it seems like the Suzaku warrior is about to die, Madoka saves him by pleading to Suzaku for help.

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