Hagas explains the concept of the twins.

"Two came from one. Urumiya's character was split. And by that time, it was only Teg who was aware of his character."

Urumiya consists of two people; twin boys from the Urudai tribe in a remote part of Western Hokkan, two parts of the same whole. The Urudai tribe was threatened by monsters, one of which killed their father while on their way home one day. At the age of nine, Teg used his powers to kill the monsters, and was soon discovered and imprisoned in a secret place called Kaza-ana by the Emperor Tegiru.


Their power is linked to their breath; when Hagas inhales, he can use the other warrior's powers, when Teg exhales (usually as a 'song') he can repress the other

Hagas and Teg, the Urumiya twins.

warrior's powers. Neither experience is particularily enjoyable, especially Teg's, which clearly causes debilitating pain (causing Teg to become catatonic). Hagas is a skilled fighter, and able to turn an opponents power against them. Teg's power can do a lot of desctruction as well, in extreme cases causing those affected by his 'songs' to be shredded, similar to how a high-pitched note can shatter glass.

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