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  • I live in Mesa, AZ
  • I was born on September 18
  • I am a woman.
  • Seireikitsu

    ((I'm fishing for good, and compatible RP friends. Let's see if any bite. Please, check your spelling, and grammar before you submit your post, even if the best you can do is rely on a spell checker you hope is accurate. Follow all Gaia rules. And, this RP is not intended specifically for girls, so guys may feel free to join. You may play as a Celestial Warrior reincarnation, or as a new priestess. A new priestess does not have to be Japanese, if a functional/believable story is created in how she became a priestess while the book was last known to be in Japan. Please, if you play a celestial warrior reincarnation, try to make sure s/he is similar to the original, canon character, if one exists, even though they do not have to be an exact …

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  • Seireikitsu

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    Illiterates need not apply, but for the rest of you, if any are interested...

    Hamika Kitsuhana Wrote:
    ((Up to four players may join at this point in the story.))

    The sound of water falling from above, and crashing on rocks, and pond below smothers you, as you wake up with your bare feet within the pond. For some reason you cannot recall, your footwear is missing, and you're awakening in this unusual place.
    Surrounding the area, it's almost completely enclosed by a rocky cliff that's almost shaped as an imperfect circle. The two ends of it do not quite match up, and would essentially fold, one over the other if they were to have met instead of stopped short.
    The ground is grassy, and there's a few trees about the area, …

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  • Seireikitsu

    Taka's sitting on a red, low, Japanese sofa, watching an action movie on an 80" TV, with his feet kicked up on an ottoman that matches the couch. The movie is full of gun shooting, speeding in cars, and explosions. It's a non-stop, extravaganza of entertainment for those with ADHD, perfectly suited for men of healthy testosterone with boring desk jobs, and dull lives.
    Miaka's on her smart phone on the matching love seat, and says, "Turn that down!"
    He shouts back, "Go in another room!"
    Miaka narrows her eyes at him for a short while. Then, she gets up, and goes out to the hallway.
    The alto, female voice on the phone states, "Using your cell phone during a movie is rude."
    Miaka defends her actions, "It's my sofa! I should be able to sit on it w…

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  • Seireikitsu

    Standing at 5' 4," with her shoes adding another 4," Yūki Hana makes her mid-thirties hostess, Sukunami Miaka, look rather short.
    Her hair is long, straight, and solidly cream-colored, reaching down to the rim of her butt-cheeks.
    Her body is lean, with ample curvature, her skin richly tanned.
    She's wearing a white, cut-out mini dress. The top portion looks akin to a nice sports bra. The skirt is initially fitted inches below the waist, then gradually increases in width for a shape vaguely reminiscent of a flower inbetween bud, and bloom. The cut-out back is sharply angled, with light curvature, coming to a low point in center of her lower back. Thigh-high, opaque, white tights cover most of her legs for added warmth. She has the tights rigge…

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