((I'm fishing for good, and compatible RP friends. Let's see if any bite. Please, check your spelling, and grammar before you submit your post, even if the best you can do is rely on a spell checker you hope is accurate. Follow all Gaia rules. And, this RP is not intended specifically for girls, so guys may feel free to join. You may play as a Celestial Warrior reincarnation, or as a new priestess. A new priestess does not have to be Japanese, if a functional/believable story is created in how she became a priestess while the book was last known to be in Japan. Please, if you play a celestial warrior reincarnation, try to make sure s/he is similar to the original, canon character, if one exists, even though they do not have to be an exact copy. (Solely for believability that it is the same soul reincarnated.)))
The sound of water falling from above, and crashing on rocks, and pond below smothers Bōhasu Mika ((紡蓮 魅歌)) as she awakens with her bare feet within the pond. For some reason, she cannot recall why her footwear, and hat are missing, or why she woke up in this unusual place.
Surrounding the area, it's almost completely enclosed by a rocky cliff that's almost shaped as an imperfect circle. The two ends of it do not quite match up, and would essentially fold, one over the other if they were to have met instead of stopped short.
The ground is grassy, and there's a few trees about the area, bountiful in salmon pink blossoms.
Bōhasu is a small-framed, 5' 2", skinny woman, with petite curvature. Her skin is void of melanin, and her long locks of hair are golden blond. Her face is square, with pink lips, and gray irises. And, she has a quark of inch-long fingernails.
She is wearing an olive drab, sleeveless, micro-length kimono over a black, bell-sleeved, micro-length nagajuban. Her obi is a black, men's one with two metallic gold, horizontal stripes through it. Upon her face is a pair of rosso corsa, rectangular, round-cornered glasses frames. The lenses are thick, and transitional.
Bōhasu winces in the eyes, as she slowly opens them to the rising morning light, while lifting herself up into a new position.
Now, she leans back on her arms, her hands in the grass, with her left knee bent upward, it's foot drawn in towards her torso.
After an initial bit of blank staring, her eyes are drawn to the waterfall off to her left.