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Illiterates need not apply, but for the rest of you, if any are interested...

Hamika Kitsuhana Wrote:
((Up to four players may join at this point in the story.))

The sound of water falling from above, and crashing on rocks, and pond below smothers you, as you wake up with your bare feet within the pond. For some reason you cannot recall, your footwear is missing, and you're awakening in this unusual place.
Surrounding the area, it's almost completely enclosed by a rocky cliff that's almost shaped as an imperfect circle. The two ends of it do not quite match up, and would essentially fold, one over the other if they were to have met instead of stopped short.
The ground is grassy, and there's a few trees about the area, bountiful in salmon pink blossoms.

'Tis located within the RP Story-Games sub-forum in Mika's Mysterious Place. Click the button below to go there now, and join, if you'd like to play.
Mika's Mysterious Place
There does not need to be four, or more players. For there to even just be one will work fine. But, if multiple people are interested, there may be up to four whom join at that point in the story.
How do you play?
The host generates a story for the player(s), which is influenced by the player(s) actions, and choices as the story progresses. Thus, it's sort of like you're playing a script-based video game, but you influence the outcome. Think of it sort of like a graphic novel video game, a Quizilla storyquiz of yore (if you know what that was), or one of those books where the reader is the main character.
The host both is, and is not playing. They essentially control everything outside of the control of the player(s), and thus are playing in another way. It's more personal for the player(s), and more detached from perspective of the host, evolving around the player(s). The host's entertainment is in the story they generate, and perhaps what the player(s) do, and say if the player(s), depending on the player(s).