Okay, this week's project is anything related to templates. I've just started creating few, but they're really hard.

There are still many templates left to create, and to start, click "create new article" and there is the rule in this wiki that the layout of articles is always blank page. You can just add headers later on. Then type the article like this: "Template:Template_You_Want" . Always check and ensure that the article is in Code view.

The character template is only for the administrator to make. If you want to create a template, this is a requirement: Look for NAVIGATION TEMPLATES on OTHER WIKIS , suggestions are or either Search for the article of the template and click "Edit This Page".

Copy-paste on the article on this wiki and change the names and links. It is necessary not to leave any traces of links from other wikis. Then if you're done with the Template,

Paste it in reasonable articles. This wiki also has a rule that every article should have at least 2 templates tagged.

Here's the list of templates to create:

  • Story
  • Stories
  • Episodes (Season 1)
  • Episodes (Season 2)
  • Light novels
  • Characters
  • Supporting characters
  • OVA characters
  • Opening themes
  • Ending themes
  • Insert Songs
  • Theme songs
  • Video games
  • Weapons
  • The four beast gods
  • The four demon gods