The aim for this wiki is to be the most comprehensive wiki for Fushigi yuugi, but not TOO comprehensive. Pictures are essential and spoilers are allowed.

Copyright should also be respected especially on pictures, and plagiarism is never allowed. Vandalism isn't either.

  • Article rules

Plagiarism and Vandalism is never allowed. Copyright should be respected on pictures. If the artwork or picture isn't yours, just put the name of the owner on the photo caption. To avoid glitches such as "&nbsp" on articles, all articles are required to have "blank page" layouts.

To add headers, click on the "normal" button on the first to the left side when editing an article. Heading 3 is more comprehensive than Header 2. And remember: spoilers are allowed.

  • Photo and file captions

Especially, don't type offending captions when uploading files. Praises and compliments are banned on captions.

  • Talk page

Always sign your signature, and that can be seen on the upper side when editing an article , it's named "Signature", Its exact description is four tidles. It works like this: Divinecross 12:27, June 21, 2010 (UTC)