Xi fang


"Oh, no. The master and his wife were kind enough to adopt me when my father died a year ago."
—Xing, to Miaka.

Xi Fang (Chi Fangu) is the adoptive daughter of Tokaki and Subaru.

Appearance and Personality

Xing has a beautiful face and appears with deep, blue, braded hair, wearing a dress with multiple colors.She also wears a necklace similar to what Miaka wore at the Suzaku's Summoning Ceremony. She appears to be charming, gentle, and friendly.

Xi Fang


She first appears when Subaru and Tokaki tend to the exhausted Suzaku warriors. Tokaki tells Tamahome to forget all about Miaka, and Tokaki also tells Xi Fang to help Tamahome forget about Miaka. She tells Miaka about a legend if two lovers kiss the exact moment the sun sets at the nearby tower, nothing can ever seperate them, but not a single couple returned alive, for they were monsters in that tower.Miaka then helps Xi Fang prepare dinner. Miaka's cooking was putrid, and Tasuki denies the fact and then on the same phrase he literally said that it was really horrible. Miaka, all offended because of the food, and confused about Tamahome , leaves the room, and then Tamahome eats all of Miaka's cooking.Xi Fang and Tamahome were then alone in the room. When the two of them were about to kiss, Miaka enters the room. Miaka then tells Tamahome that she will be expecting him on the tower Xing told her about. She then heads for the tower. Tokaki then says that he needs to crush the relationship between Miaka and Tamahome because when Suzaku is summoned, they will be seperated.


  • Miaka, there's a legend that if a couple kiss exactly when the sun sets, nothing will ever seperate them. On that tower, you see that one? But not a single couple returned alive. That tower is full of monsters.

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