Yuiren is one of Tamahome's siblings. She is the youngest. Tamahome's mother died giving birth to her. 



She is five years old. Her hair is brown. Her eyes are a brown-green color. She loves her older brother Tamahome dearly. After her mother died giving birth to her Tamahome basically raised her himself. Sometimes stating when he has come home that she has been a good girl. she loves Tamahome as much as Miaka Yuki, although, Miaka gets jealous in between two of them. The relationship Yuiren has with Miaka is much like siblings. Yuiren definitely approves of Miaka being with Tamahome. She always calls her "Big Sister" showing she already accepts her in the family. Just as she wants her "Older Brother" to be happy with her and hopes they are together. 


Yuiren dying in her brother's arms

She is killed, like the rest of her family by Suboshi, a member of the Seiryuu Seven. She dies in her brother's arms when he returns for a visit. She had made Miaka a present, a necklace, usually worn by brides. It was made by a five year old so it wasn't well made. Tamahome had givin' it to Miaka after he buried his family. Happy to have her accept it. 


Yuiren and her family

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