Yukiyasha Den (The Legend of Yukiyasha) is a Fushigi Yuugi light novel by Yuu Watase and Megumi Nishizaki. It tells of Nuriko and his story of being Korin. It also tells of the legend of the snow demon Yukiyasha and how the village's fate was affected.

Story Outline

At first pretending to be Korin , he encounters a fellow transvestite, Tamatama, who teaches him the best ways to conceal his true gender from even the most expert of eyes. While there, Nuriko finds himself caught up in a local legend involving a beast from the mountains that comes down in the snows and takes a virgin sacrifice. Determined to protect the chosen girl , Byakuren from being sacrificed, Nuriko forces himself to be taken in Byakuren's place, realising that the reason he is there at this time is to put his Celestial Warrior powers to the test. This is his rite of passage, however he struggles against Yukiyasha the demon and in the end the girl Byakuren gives her life to save his. Although Byakuren and "Korin" begin as rivals, Byakuren falls in love with Nuriko and she has such a strong impression on the Celestial Warrior that he adopts her dream of meeting the Emperor and thanking him for a deed done long ago alongside his desire to live Kourin's life for her. This is why he goes to be a part of the harem in the first place.


The Third Novel in the Gaiden Seires, Yukiyasha Den (Which Means Legend of the Snow Demon) Is about Nuriko, and his reasons for being a Cross Dresser. At the Beginning she comes to a scene of a young girl who was in the path of an on coming carriage. But just as the horse was about to take the young girl's life, a young boy with a glowing red mark on his neck saves the girl from certain death. Only moments later, as if destiny intertwined, since the first girl's life was spared, another's was in her place, and the Unfortunate girl's name was Korin. Cut to a 17 yr old "Korin" Who is going to see her uncle in a small farming town. Her Uncle Recently Got married, to a Woman, who appears as beauitful as a Goddess. Korin meets a Brother and Sister named Byakuren & Tenbun who Reminds "Korin:" So much of her past. The Village is Named after snow, But it hasn't snowed in 100 years. But the day Korin arrived, as if a Sign, Flakes began to fall. As it continues to Snow, Howls can Be heard from Atop of Goddess peak and the Villagers start getting worried. There is a Legend to go with this peaceful Villlage, tha when it snows they must appease the Yukiyasha. The most Beautiful virgin of the Village must be sacrificed to her, or the village will face certain doom. As the Villagers begin to Panic, a Messenger from the Capital comes seeking girls to join the Imperial Harem. After Many Grandfathers throw their Grandaugters at him, he says he will return in one week for the most beautifu girl in the Village. But Only 2 girls in the Village are really worthy of going, Byakuren and Korin. But Byakuren is determined to join the harem to thank the Emperor for saving her from a certain death years ago. The both girl declare a war. Major things go down with Byakuren, and Korin. Korin decides to save Byakuren, the chosen virgin which the the Demon Yukiyasha, will sacrifice, and put his celestial powers to a test.


Chapter 1: First Chapter of Snow

Chapter 2: Messenger from the Emperor

Chapter 3: The Way of a Transvestite

Chapter 4: The Smell of Blood

Chapter 5: The Law of Virgin Sacrifice Chapter 6: The Forbidden Night

Chapter 7: The Mark of Suzaku

Chapter 8: The Maiden of the Full Moon

Chapter 9: The End of Love

Chapter 10: Final Chapter of Snow

"Why did Nuriko join the harem? Did he really fall for Hotohori? On the bottom line, is he really GAY? Read this book and find out!"
— Megumi Nishizaki

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